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Duluth Pack 

Duluth Pack is a company with lots of potential. As the manufacturers of high-quality, aesthetically-pleasing wilderness products, social media is their gateway to mainstream. They need the hikers, climbers, backpackers, and outdoorsy people of the world to know that Duluth Pack is just for them. Duluth Pack products are durable, personal, and reliable. Their adventures are limitless. 


Videos called "Duluth Pack Diaries" would be published on YouTube and Facebook by social media influencers as well as outdoors professionals like trail guides, nature photographers, etc. They would specifically showcase their unique adventures with their Duluth Pack, as well as sharing what they always make sure to pack. #duluthpackdiaries would provide an inside look at who is loving Duluth Pack and where they take theirs. 

*This spec was not created in association with Duluth Pack. 

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